Bootstrap Notify v3.1.5

The new Material Dashboard .Net Core 2.2 Stater notifications are looking fresh and clean. They go great with the navbar.

If you want to use add special animations for them, we integrated a third party plugin called Bootstrap Notify. Out friend Robert McIntosh did a wonderful job. If you want to see a coded example, you can see it below.

For more information please check Full Documentation

Notifications Style

<!-- button to trigger the action -->
<button class="btn btn-primary" onclick="md.showNotification('top','right')">Top Right Notification</button>
<!-- Bootstrap Notify -->

function showNotification(from, align){

      icon: "add_alert",
      message: "Welcome to <b>Material Dashboard .Net Core 2.2 Stater</b> - a beautiful freebie for every web developer."

      type: 'success',
      timer: 4000,
      placement: {
          from: from,
          align: align